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Your Pay Strategy

Alpine Rewards is a strategic advisor for the Life Sciences and Technology sectors, providing comprehensive expertise in Executive Compensation and Employee Rewards. 

Together, we can develop a rewards strategy that balances the unique needs, challenges and priorities of your organization, employees and stakeholders.

Focusing on what matters most

At Alpine Rewards, we recognize that the most innovative clients in the world deserve to work with an advisor who is just as imaginative. Bringing industry experience, a focus on people and linking to your business needs, we design and develop compensation and rewards programs with an intuitive strategy to align interests, inspire performance and achieve results. 

Going above and beyond pay

Traditional compensation and rewards strategies no longer apply, especially when it comes to Life Sciences and Technology companies, which operate in a rapidly evolving landscape. From Board of Director and IPO Compensation to Cash Incentive Plan Design and Equity Strategy, Alpine Rewards is actively innovating approaches to attract and retain the best talent. 


Let’s keep innovating and evolving 

Alpine Rewards is always looking for creative, curious and collaborative people to help us redefine how Executive and Employee Rewards strategies are designed, delivered and implemented. 


Ready to reach new heights? 

Alpine Rewards partners with Technology and Life Sciences companies across North America and around the world. Email us at and we’ll partner with you to build a next-level compensation strategy that aligns your business realities with stakeholder priorities and employee needs. 

145 Corte Madera Town Center #458, Corte Madera, CA 94925

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