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Taking your compensation program to the next level

For dynamic companies in high growth industries to compete globally, their compensation framework must be equally competitive and innovative. 


At Alpine Rewards, we work with boards, senior management and compensation committees to create effective rewards programs aligned with business strategies and measured corporate governance. We provide a complete range of advisory services to attract and retain top talent.  



  • Total Compensation Benchmarking

  • Cash Incentive Plan Design

  • Equity Strategy & Grant Guidelines

  • Rewards Governance

  • Board of Directors Compensation

  • Change in Control / Severance Plan Design

  • Private Company Pay Practices

  • IPO Compensation Planning

  • Executive Coaching

Executive Compensation

Equally important are leading edge employee rewards programs that continue to evolve as labor and macroeconomic dynamics shift, including the very nature of work.


Alpine Rewards designs robust rewards plans and guidelines – for all levels – to enhance employee engagement, drive business performance and boost your competitive advantage. Supported by quantitative data and qualitative insights, we offer services that help achieve your goals and objectives. 



  • Total Rewards Strategy

  • Job Matching & Leveling

  • Job Architecture

  • Total Compensation Benchmarking & Salary Structure Design 

  • Cash Incentive Plan Design

  • Equity Strategy & Grant Guidelines

  • Employee Retention Strategy

  • Geo Rewards Strategy

  • Pay Equity

Employee Rewards

Ready to align your organization’s human resources and business goals with your compensation and rewards strategies? Contact Alpine Rewards today.

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